Full Body Adult Love Issues Theater Fourth Video Focuses on Catherine

Atlus and Studio Zero published episode 4 of the Catherine: Full Body Adult Love Issues Theater, this time it focuses on Catherine and is titled “The Mistress”.

We get to see what seems to be Catherine and Vincent’s first meeting at the bar, but also part of a flashback with how they met back at school. At both times, it seems Catherine was the one who first approached Vincent. Next, we see Vincent and his friends, with one of them saying men who cheat are the worst, and Vincent getting flustered on how they shouldn’t talk about that subject in public. They get overheard by the waitress, who call them trash. After that, Vincent asks Catherine why did she sleep with him, and she just answers he’s her type. Saskskas back the same question to Vincent, but we don’t hear his answer.

Most of the scenes after that were already seen in past trailers. Catherine keeps tempting Vincent on different occasions. The video ends with Catherine declaring in a slightly creepy way she’ll never, ever, leave Vincent and will definitely make him happy.

The first video focused on Vincent, the second one on Rin and the third one on Katherine. The game also has two DLCs planned. The first one is the Catherine “Ideal Voice” DLC, which lets you change Catherine’s voice for the whole game. Here’s the list of voices, and it’s a very interesting selection because all voice actresses in it also voiced Persona characters. It’s an extremely rare occurrence a Japanese game’s character gets voiced by so many different actresses. Atlus must have spent a considerable amount to hire them all.

The second DLC are the Nero Glasses, that makes everyone look as if they only wear underwear. You can check screenshots about that, how Rin will be present in some puzzles, and the Persona 5 collaboration, in a previous article. You can also watch the game’s third trailer.

Catherine: Full Body releases for Vita and PS4 on February 14th in Japan, and in “2019” in the west, with no precise platforms.


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