D3 Publisher Might Consider Bringing Dream C Club Zero and More to the West Possibly for PS4 and PC

Do you remember the Dream C Club franchise by D3 Publisher? The latest full game of the series was Dream C Club Zero, released first for Xbox 360, then for PS Vita, and finally for PS3.

It was followed by Dream C Club: Host Girls On Stage with the Japanese launch of the PS4, but that was a free to play minigame at most.

DualShockers spoke to Executive Producer Nobuyuki Okajima at Tokyo Game Show, and we asked him whether the publisher might consider releasing some of its older games in North America and Europe now that it’s opening to the west.

Okajima-san mentioned that he could consider bringing over Dream C Club Zero. When asked which platforms he’d target, he brought up PS4 and PC, even if he did admit that he is not sure whether the game could be released in the west on PS4 without issues.

We also quizzed Okajima-san about Happy Manager. He laughed and explained that he’d really like to localize it in the west, but there are “a few issues with the game” which made releasing it even in Japan difficult.

That being said, after we mentioned that Steam’s new policies permit the release of any game as long as it’s not illegal, Okajima-san said that he might consider a PC release.

D3 Publisher is currently targeting the western market pretty aggressively with the release of Earth Defense Force 5 on December 11th. Earth Defense Force Iron Rain is coming next year for PS4, while there are already plans in motions for Onechanbara Origin for PS4. The Producer of Omega Labyrinth Life for Nintendo Switch would like to localize his game as well.

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